Look at our world today. What do we see? The new co-work space of the dining table, the empty streets, the 5th Zoom call you just made today, what do they mean to you? Is this merely just the new rhythm of our life, the new normal we content with? Or do they tell of a deeper meaning, direction and intervention of cosmic proportions?

I think about the disciples during Jesus’ day, the many times they asked for signs and the many times they asked for a confirmation of His identity. Jesus never answered their questions. He merely told them what they already knew, and yet did not quite understand.

Were the disciples really that dense? He was fulfilling every ancient prophecy! How could they not see? Was there really a need to ask? But I realise it takes courage to acknowledge what you truly believe. For them, it was acknowledging that He was Messiah. All the ancient prophecies they knew by heart and hoped and prayed earnestly for, now before their eyes. Could it really be true? What caused them to hold back? The embarrassment of being wrong? The disappointment if He wasn’t the One? The instinct of self-preservation so they wouldn’t be persecuted, stigmatized or discriminated?

Belief takes courage.

I don’t know if I would daringly profess my belief that Jesus is the Messiah if I were there. I might have waited for someone else to say it first, wait to see the reaction of people and then decide if I were to wholeheartedly join in. If it didn’t look like it was going well, I might try to dull down some flames, just enough to appease others but not too much so I could sleep well with my conscience at night.

Is our reality that different from theirs? We find our world at a place in time where people are asking questions, searching for meaning and trying to make sense of all that is happening. What is our answer? Do we forward the latest virus remedy we just received in a group chat or tell them Jesus is the Healer? Do we share meditation apps and podcasts when someone is feeling anxious or do we pick up the phone and pray the peace of Jesus over them? Do we merely appease or share what is true?

I don’t know what came over Peter, it was like something rose up from within him when he uttered those words “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” (Matthew 16:16) I wonder what he thought after he heard those words out of his own mouth. I imagine he would have been in shock at the seemingly absurd claim he just made. But I also imagine that in the same moment as he stared into Jesus’ face and as those words hung in a dead silence, it became crystal clear. He was the Christ and he had known it all this while. That confession liberated him to truly believe, without an ounce of doubt. Perhaps this was the moment that made all the difference. This became an anchor that brought him back no matter how far he strayed or how grave his mistakes were.

In a world that finds many options for an anchor, the wealth of knowledge, the security of good governments, the advancement in medical science and a myriad of philosophies, where is yours found?


Take a moment to look at these signs through the eyes of the Word. Find a place of humility and tell the Lord you’re scared to think about what it all really means. Tell Him you don’t know if you are ready to meet Him. Tell Him you need salvation and so do the people around you. Look at your family, together but apart, each one comfortably living in a virtual world that numbs their emptiness; they need a Saviour. Ask the Lord to help you believe and awaken your senses to discern the times we are living in. Cry out for discernment and understanding that you might not be deceived! Ask Him to be that Teacher who will guide you to all Truth.


Peter became the rock on which Jesus built His church. His belief became that rock. Let your belief become the rock that Jesus can build His church on, a church undefeated, a church glorious and bright, ready for His return.


Don’t be afraid to give an answer. In your confession, in your own Peter moment, you will find boldness to declare, courage to walk on water and divine grace to follow till death. I pray in this crisis, we find our anchors and come back to the One who is the answer.

Believer, disciple, don’t dull out the truth that we already know. Jesus is coming soon! Let that truth liberate you to see clearly, live clearly and understand clearly. Let it bring you a crystal focus on your part in His perfect plan.


Personal Assistant to her pastors at Tabernacle of Joy, Singapore, she believes every person you meet has the ability to broaden your perspective. God called her at the age of 22 to work full time in ministry and 12 years later, she wouldn’t have it any other way. She has a heart of gold and she’s your go-to person if you need someone to speak the truth in love. When she has time, she enjoys reading and going to the theatre.

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