The past few weeks have been a time of deeper reflection and soul-searching for me amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve adjusted to working from home and relishing quality time with my little niece during lunch breaks and after work hours. Yet, I felt God stirring my heart in this season, especially in a recent online Bible training class. 

My class teacher taught about what a disciple of Jesus Christ looks like. A disciple is one who knows who He is, whose life is being changed by Him, and has a love for Him and others. My teacher further shared and imparted to us what God put on her heart, to love others with His fervent and selfless love. That night, she asked one question which summarised the whole course for me. I broke down in tears as she asked this question, “Are people just a statistic… or do they mean something to you?” 

Pictures of various people flashed through my mind. The elderly people selling food at the local food places, my neighbours who live physically near me, foreign friends who have returned to their countries, every co-worker, and everyone whom I have crossed paths with. Each of them is precious, valuable and has a unique life story. 

I am sorry I have been so selfish, thinking only about myself and my family. At that moment, I felt God urging me deeply to go beyond myself. I am aware and reminded that many countries are experiencing fears and sorrows in this crisis. So many others need our prayers and message of hope. 

As we sincerely pray to God to give us creativity to connect and show love to others, I truly believe He will answer and give us brimming new ideas! Here’re some things I’m trying out:

ORGANIZE AN ONLINE TEA REUNION with my foreign friends, whom I haven’t seen in many years.

THROW AN ONLINE BIRTHDAY PARTY celebration for a friend.


EMBARK ON EXCITING MISSIONS with my care group to encourage someone in the same week, and share about how it went!

TEXT MY FRIENDS both locally and overseas, and ask if they are doing okay.

POST ENCOURAGING SCRIPTURES, MESSAGES, AND PHOTO COLLAGES ON SOCIAL MEDIA. You never know, you may be encouraging and inspiring someone who is reading them!


PRAY AND FAST TOGETHER with my care group and church community for our loved ones, friends, co-workers, and different nations to have healing amidst COVID-19.

People do matter so much. God deeply loves every single person. I am so encouraged to know that we can offer hope to others in this season. Let’s get through this together!


Senior Administrator at Unlocking the Bible Ministry (@unlockthebible), based in Singapore. Li Lin also counts herself blessed to be an auntie to a toddler niece. Besides, her smile and joyful demeanour that never fails to lights up the room the moment she enters, she has the incredible gift of evangelism. Her heart is filled with kindness and compassion for the lost. Connect with her at

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