It was a simple text message from an unknown number. “Good morning, Abbey! I’m from Kallos Magazine! I got your contact from Zhi Yi. The purpose of reaching out is to ask if you will be interested to conduct a hairstyling workshop for our subscribers (majority of our girls are 12-14-year-olds)  via Zoom next week.” I jumped at the opportunity!

The next day, I received a call from one of the staff from the Kallos team. The date and program was set, 13 May 2020, Wednesday, 4-5pm Hairstyling Workshop.

Leading up to the workshop, God was actually dealing with my heart. I’m not going to lie, I was in panic mode. There were a couple honest thoughts that went through my mind, “Firstly, do they know that I have really long hair?” Turns out she did! “This isn’t just a hairstyling workshop is it, God?”

I knew that this hairstyling workshop was a divine opportunity but I felt inadequate. I began to pray and seek the Lord and I knew He wanted me to share my testimony. I pulled from my 16-year-old cobwebbed brain and began to write my experience of struggling with self-image and identity.

It was the night that Sis Sjostrand spoke, the day before my hairstyling session, that I felt a switch in my spirit. I can’t remember everything she said but she spoke with such an anointing and operated in the prophetic! I began to cry in the room as I felt the burden of the Lord, my faith began to rise and I started to pray for all these girls I haven’t met.

What turned out to be a one or two liner introduction became a 5 minutes or longer testimony. I can’t even remember but I all I know was that I felt God move. People began to respond in the chat group with “awesome” and “powerful”! I believe without the shadow of a doubt that there’s a deep embedded value of the power of separation through holiness. I‘ve seen first-hand the supernatural power of God in my own personal walk with Him! I urge you if you want to know the deep things of the Spirit and the supernatural power of God in your own life, embrace a life of holiness.

Sharing my testimony with 20 complete strangers on video call was my Mary Magdalene moment! The moment where she rushed to tell everyone that she’s seen the Lord! I truly believe that God’s going to use your own testimonies during this season! And when it happens, your past stories, no matter how long ago it happened, will be brought back to life again! Both old and new testimonies will come out like bread fresh out of the oven! Somebody is right at the corner, needing to hear your God story! 

If this is your desire today, pause everything you’re doing for a moment and take a moment to tell God the desires of your heart.   My Dad shared that the spirit of testimony will become a spirit of prophecy!

Rev 19:10 “I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers and sisters who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For it is the Spirit of prophecy who bears testimony to Jesus.'”

As I sit and type this, my eyes are filled with tears and I already feel God move upon me!  I pray that God will stir your faith today as you read this. I pray that the Holy Spirit will ignite those dry bones to rise and that you’ll receive a fresh born again experience!  God, open doors that no men can shut, in our homes, through video calls, text messages, social media and even our online services! I pray that in this season of uncertainty where we may be unsure of the path You’re taking us on, we will choose to put our faith in You and trust that You’re making something beautiful out of us. Let our lives bring glory to His Name! 

God is not only wanting to give you a testimony but pockets of testimonies during this season! Every trial, suffering, waiting, and commitment is not in vain, it is for a much higher calling. God’s writing your story especially when you feel like He’s not moving! I know He isn’t done with mine! Taste and see that the Lord is good! Oh, blessed be the name of the Lord!

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