Waking up to 5 degree celsius, freezing feet, the sound of your sister snoring, and trying to survive on my only hope, my only saving grace the heat system. Maryland was great despite the cold weather but it was the hardest first week dealing with the unforgiving jet lag. It took a week to finally gain control of my poor eyes. Thank God for the Wrights who began their day with a cup of  joe.

So what has been happening?

Alot. We refused to give in to the treacherous cold weather and walked around Washington, DC and Georgetown. Adora broke the ice of the reflecting pool and scared everyone. Rachel.. Oh Rachel,  She just cracked me up at how many layers of clothes she has on. We spilt up at one point, I attended a campus ministry conference in North Carolina and the girls went to New York and Downtown Annapolis.  We then met up again afterwards, traveled with the Wrights to New Orleans, ate some beignets and went straight to Alexandria for Because of the Times 2015.

Which lands me right here…Baton Rouge with my dear friend Lizzie Hill. It’s my third week here and my suitcase and duffle bag are so full my arm could fall out. I didn’t even buy much! But I am having a blast and the weather is amazing! I am going to enjoy the heat from the sun as much as I can before diving into a 20 degree drop in Ohio next week.

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