When in New Orleans, I had the best time exploring  Magazine Road – It is an art street that consists of very unique unconventional shops and buildings. From  thrift, vintage and antique shops, this street is full of surprises and brims with hidden gems. Lizzie brought me to places she knew I would love and enjoy. Friends are always the best tour guide!  She brought me to a clothing store called Free People and thus far my favorite store. IT’S AMAZING!!

Anyway, it was pretty chilly that day and my leather jacket was not sufficient enough to keep me snug, but I was so distracted with  the unending array of unique stores that the cold didn’t bother me as much. Hoping someday I get to come back.

Can’t thank Miss Lizzie Hill enough for taking me around. I love spending time with you.

WHAT I WORE/1/ Jacket, FOREVER 21, Dress, H&M, Shoes, H&M, Bag, H&M .

FYI this is my first style post. Wohoo!



3 thoughts on “US : Leather + Patterns”

  1. Abbey! I love your blog! 😀 Your posts are so cool and inspirational! I was creating my own blog when I ran across yours. Can’t wait to see you again! Love and miss you! Best wishes…Parish

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