cdb60a1310cdf80d55e52d324be0a020         Movie scene from  Pride and Prejudice.

 “Hey PT, You still free today?”

PT: ” Yes free.”

“Yay! What should we do?”

PT: “Wreck havoc!!!!!”

This was the beginning of planning our very impromptu date/night out.  We settled to have a picnic and rummaged through our home closets to find things for our outdoor party.

1.) Picnic Basket – Checked. My mom has one on her bicycle.

2.) Picnic Mat – Checked. I have my hand-sewn Minky and Peiting brought one too.

3.) Tray table  Guitar – Checked.  Peiting decided music over function.

3.) Food- Checked. Cold storage buys include: Apricot cheese, crackers, lemon meringue tart,  and sashimi,  Food for Thought ‘s carrot cake and lastly MOS Burger for the main course.

4.) COFFEE!!! – Checked. One flat white and latte from Assembly Grounds Cafe.

The unruly planning turned into a surprising, beautiful mess. The chilly weather complimented the nicely trimmed grass. We didn’t need our mats after all. However, that moment didn’t last as long as we wanted it to. The sudden deluge of rain on us felt like we were flowers getting heavily watered. Peiting carried her camera bag and guitar while I carried our food and held my hat while we sprint for shelter. We were drenched. At that moment, we both couldn’t help but laughed at how much it felt like a Jane Austen/Pride and Prejudice scene.

I then broke into a huge exclamation: Where is Mr Darcy then?!?

We settled down in a small cozy shelter wishing that the coffee we held was still hot and fresh. The rain stopped and the sky turned dark, but our deep conversation was nothing but close to finishing. I don’t know about you, but I think we wrecked havoc that night with too much fun.

Photography and styling by Pei Ting & Abbey Lee.

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