Firstly, I was so privileged to work with some of the most ORGANIZE , dedicated team who truly poured out their time into making Hyphen a success. It was the first time for everyone to decorate for such a huge event. Here are 8 tips that helped us plan Hyphen.

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1.) Create a moodboard.

This is actually my favorite part of planning Hyphen. I mean HELLO PINTEREST! Creating a moodboard will help you collide your ideas and give you a rough gauge on how it will flow altogether. We decided to go for more of the rustic, cozy but modern design as you can see below. We had leather chairs, lightbulb strings, marquee lights and a pop of orange/red elements.

BTW, the best part about Pinterest is you can share your board with anyone! My team could pin and add to my Hyphen board too.


1. Wooden pallets, 2. Outdoor couches, 3. Marquee Lights, 4. Food table, 5. Leather couch , 6. light bulbs string,

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2.) Floor plan

Next, we needed to know where everything will be placed. A floor plan will not only give you an overall layout but for the rest of the team planning the program, food and etc.


3.) Delegate duties

Split the workload. There’s just too much work for one person to handle! I remembered I had to clean all the wooden pallets and carry them out to dry. THANK GOD  for people who helped!

I had Taiyi on my team who had all kind of resources that we could borrow for the food table. She is amazing when it comes to food table layout.

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4.) Search for resources

As much as we like to buy things off the rack, it doesn’t come cheap. Stretch yourself and go searching/asking people around you who can help. We had helped for our wooden marquee lights which we got for a good price through a friend. Our wooden pallets we found was dumped somewhere and we didn’t need to pay a single cent.

5.) Learn to sacrifice

There are just some ideas you need to let go. You can’t do everything!

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6.) Communicate

Make sure you and your team are still on the same page. Keep getting updates on what is happening on your part and theirs.

7.) Have fun

This is an opportunity to unleash your creativity! Have fun with it.

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8.) Debrief

Lastly, there is always room for improvement. Gather your team and debrief on what could have been done better and what was done well.



I am not expert in event planning but here are some useful tips I learned along the way. Hope it helps!

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