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Have you felt chained to your past? Are you chained to the things you did, the facts you hid. Do you live in a prison of secrets? Trapped in lies and addictions you can’t shake. Do you live in a prison that no matter what you do you’ll never be enough? Where society labels you a misfit or tells you to fight to be impressive.  Are you chained to your own sins? Knowing what is right but doing the opposite. Are you drowning in a bottomless pit of scars and loneliness? Is their an outcry of desperation of longing for someone to reach out and save you!
I’ve come to tell you that someone so much bigger than you and I, someone who saw you where you are. He died so we could lay our burdens at His feet. But it did not just stop there.His death, burial, resurrection changes everything. Now His love and grace reaches out to us, to live in us, speaking to us to rise up from the dead. The chains cuffed to you were who you were and not who you were supposed to be. With the power of the blood, filled with His Spirit and rose from beneath the waters, you’ve come alive and free. He took your past and handed you a new beginning. The old has past and the new has come. Now you and I have a new song to sing. A song of freedom and no longer sinners but now we’ve become a child of a King.
 I’ve tasted and see, listening to my Saviour speak and as long as I shall live, I will echoes to the world that I’ve decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back.
Photography: Tabernacle of Joy

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