untitled-1Dearest September… Here are this month top ten things.

1.) Check out John Thackwray  “My Room Project“.

2.) Watch Sir David Attenborough narrates Adele’s Hello. It is hilarious!

3.) I have been really loving poetry/spoken word. Came across this video and it made me laughed. Watch the “Cat Poem”.

4.) Check out the book “When Love Ends” by Jackie. M. Johnson. A great book for anyone who is going through grief/breakup.

5.) In love with the white Adidas NMD.

6.) I wish someone showed me this video when I had to return back to public school. Love this video! Watch Christians at College.

7.) Organize your lecture notes with Evernote.

8.) I often use a lot of hair products and I found that Lush “I love Juicy” shampoo does the trick in getting rid of any product built up in my hair.

9.) I have been loving organic coconut oil a lot recently! I use it for oil pulling, my face and hair!

10.) Check out my new series Loving Every Ode.

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