Hiding vulnerably behind my tears, behind the harsh words echoing in my ears – weak, failure and rejected. I’ve given my all to being a human being, stepping into this world giving the best I could. We live in this cruel world judging the ever being of our existence; it left us wondering if we will ever be qualified to chase to advance. Throwing words of hurt at me, not knowing what they do to me – like a sword of heartbreak constantly stabbing me. And I’ve found myself in the secret place of brokenness again. The state of complete vulnerability where all the suffering is pulled out from inside me, it reveals the shattered pieces. Each piece is a reminder of the hurt, the lies deceiving the truth, the mistakes I’ve made, the doubts of never being good enough.

It is in this state of vulnerability and brokenness I truly feel the most. Feeling used, swallowed, chewed up and spit right out. Then I remember that despite the many voices pulling me in all directions, I forgot to hear the One who truly matters. They call me worthless, but He calls me worthy. They see failure, He sees potential. It was through the path of my brokenness that led me to the joy of His friendship, a deeper intimacy listening to the heartbeat of my Creator.  My message simply is – don’t despise your brokenness because it is when I’ve reached the end of myself, that is where God extends his grace and tell me that I am all worth it. To be broken, gives me a compassion I never knew I had. To be vulnerable gives me the power to overcome failures. To be weak, so He can be strong in me. This is the moulding process where the heart of God is. It takes grits and virtue inside of you to go through it. You must brave through it, fight through it, and faith through it. Surrender to His plans and say yes to brokenness, because He is sculpting you into His masterpiece – of becoming more like Him.


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  1. Wow! Abby, thank you for this uplifting post. Thank you for this reminder as this was really timely on my side. Looking forward to read more from you 🙂

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