Line upon line

it had formed
at the corners of his eyes
time is the payment for being wise

Line upon line
as he went through life
My dad had gotten wise
But he needed to find
The everlasting truth, the wisdom from on high

Line upon line
“It is written”
in the book that brings life,
time was given to us to find
the wisdom He hid inside

Line upon line
I will find
I will read the words that bring life
that the next generation will know Him
by the time I have lines at the corners of my eyes.

This poem was written after having a dinner with my family. I noticed my dad has aged, eyes wearied and more sunken than before. His eyes seem to show the emptiness that is within. It’s been awhile since we gathered for dinner.

For the most part of his life, now age 54, my dad was a staunch Buddhist and led his life based on his own understanding of the world. Though he would be considered successful in some areas of his life, he was in desperate of God in many others. As his world started to fall apart, he begin to seek God. Though he has not found full truth, at least his journey with God has begun. Believing that God would complete His work in his life.

He has also inspired me to want to own this Apostolic truth and my walk with God for myself because one day, someone would look at my life, and I would want the person to see the God within me.

In collaboration with Jolene Wee. Thank you for this beautiful piece you wrote.

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