The name alone calls to mind a series of different images: red-headed apple juice; egg, ketchup and rice; Asian, ramen noodles; Nintendo geek; and artist. This redhead Asian turns 22 today- although, to only call her those mentioned above would be a limitation to her full capacity.

So before I fail as her bestie, Happy Birthday Mikayla! You’re finally the same age as me.

Despite the stacks of letters received and given between us, I still find it hard to find the right words to express truly how much I appreciate you being you!  So instead, to commemorate  22 years of your life, I’m going to pen down some top memorable moments with you.

1.) When we were kids, I could never forget the moment my sister accidentally burned your ear with the curling iron. Not forgetting, of course, the song “Jehovah Jireh” playing in the background  – let’s just say it was cool back then.

2.) When we broke the bathroom door in the restaurant of ” Village” while playing.

3.) When we decided OG Mall was our favourite hangout place. We tried on every single clothes available and walked out without buying anything.

4.) When we decided to raid your mom’s closet and have a mini photoshoot.

5.) When we were in the same season despite being miles apart.

6.) When our God moments was always on the phone in the bathroom – both crying our eyes out.

7.) Every single time we reunite again whether it be in Singapore or the US.

8.) When we got to celebrate my 21st together.

8.) Lastly, your unforgettable 21st Surprise Birthday. When you found the book of messages only just the BEGINNING of this year, before watching the video (click the link below & watch with earphones).

Here’s to 22 more years ahead! We have so many adventures that await us! Blessed to call you my partner-in-crime for now (wink wink), my soul sister and pillar of strength. LOVE YOU!


Watch this space to hear from this amazing friend of mine! Coming soon.






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